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Since the start of 2015, Crewtoo has been asking its approx. 112,000 seafarer members how happy they feel with their life at sea via ten key questions. The results of the fourth quarter, 2015 have been collected, collated and analysed, and crews’ reactions to connectivity and internet usage on board, healthy eating, access to welfare facilities, and increasing workloads were measured on a scale of 1-10 with a score of ten being the most content and 1 being the unhappiest.


This data will form part of an ongoing campaign to raise awareness about crews’ opinions and to assist with the continual improvement of conditions on board to retain and recruit seafarers. The industry will no longer have to guess what they think as the report will state it loud and clear.



“Satisfied, well fed, fit and engaged

seafarers are vital to the present and future of the industry.


Happiness is the

foundation on which


is built”.




The Crewtoo Seafarers Happiness Index data includes responses from globally based crews, and answers were received from across all ranks and nationalities including seafarers from the Philippines, UK, Poland, Croatia, Germany, USA, Canada, India, and Turkey, as well as a number of African nations.


The age range spread from 16 to late 60s, with Masters making up the largest proportion of responses by rank. Some 15% stated that they were currently serving in the role of Captain. Seafarers working on bulk carriers and container vessels made up the majority of responses.


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